In the age age of high speed internet connections and digital distribution if has never been easier or more tempting to download copyrighted content for free. It harms business and individuals yet it can be combatted. Since 2008, Protect Your Tunes has been removing illegal content for rights holders. We target the source of the problem Blogs, Websites, You Tube, Usenet, Torrents, Cyberlockers and individuals who upload and leak content.

To date with have helped over 100 copyright holders reclaim the rights many feel fully justified in stealing from them.


  • Identity the illegal files and submit and DMCA claim with the Cyberlocker or as in most cases simply remove the file ourselves immediately as Protect Your Tunes has access to many of the main Cyberlocker companies servers including You Tube.
  • Remove the search result from Google. Shortly after your content hits illegal Websites and Blogs search results containing illegal links will quickly swamp Google. We remove these illegal results ensuring legitimate hit results appear at the top and upon filing a claim the result will be removed in a matter of hours.
  • Contact the illegal Blogs and Websites directly and ask them to remove posts containing your illegal content. This may seem like sleeping with the enemy but most of the major illegal sites will comply with DMCA requests. Some like The Pirate Bay won’t but many more will and we are always looking to expand those we work closely with and encourage them to post links to legitimate online stores like Beatport or iTunes.

Protect Your Tunes uses humans to find illegal content however we do have a few technological tricks up our sleeve. First there is a bespoke RSS reader that we use to subscribe to a massive ever expanding list of illegal Websites and Blogs. As soon as your content is posted we are notified through various word and catalogue number recognition identifiers. An email is then sent to Protect Your Tunes staff and the post checked for illegal content and where necessary action is swiftly taken. Secondly, we use a custom Google search engine that searches a huge list of known illegal Websites and Blogs filtering out a great deal of spam or false search results. Thirdly, we have device that monitors reply sections on illegal posts that can see if a new link has been posted after we have deleted the old one. Again, these are just there to help the hard work is done by humans.

Protect Your Tunes is open 24/7 are we also have a member of staff working weekends searching and removing your content from illegal sites.


Protect Your Tunes has a flat fee of 40 Euros for two months scanning. The two months starts as soon as we start finding content so even if your release does not appear onyo share sites for few weeks you still get two months scanning and removal the second it appears online and we only charge if we find 15 or more files.

If you need us to continue scanning for a release just ask – we won’t charge you anymore.

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